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Interesting Links

Tim Conway at the Dentist



The following are links from …and happy”


Link to book website …and happy.”  by Scott E. West D.D.S.




The following are links from …and happy” directing you to recommended  YouTube videos.

1. Set of Skills
Set of Skills

2.  Effects of Stress
Handling Stress

3.  Effect of the Vagus Nerve
Vagus Nerve

4.  “King of Queens” - “Shirt Plate”
Shirt Plate

5.  Happy, Thin and Free by Susan Pierce Thompson   
Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free

6. “What’s with the negative waves”
Negative Waves

7. Self Muscle Testing 
How to muscle test yourself

8.  Star Trek Tricorder 
Prize for future Tricorder

9. “Legally Blond” Endorphins make you happy
Legally Blond

10. “Tricep Dips”  bookmarked website

11.  Apollo 13 YouTube Video
Apollo 13 scene

12. Peyton Manning

13.  George Washington and the Battle of Trenton  Permission
George Washington and the Battle of Trenton

14.  The Power of the Heart
The Power of the Heart

15.  “Airplane Scene” regarding listening
"Airplane" scene

16. Effects of Electrosmog on blood
Effects of Electrosmog on Blood

17.  Chakra Sleep Music/Heal Open & Empower All Chakras
Chakra Sleep Music

18.  Sounds of Singing Bowls
Singing Bowls

19.  Mind Exercise
The 5 Minute Mind Exercise

20.  Finding your special purpose scene from the movie “The Jerk”
Scene from the movie "The Jerk"

21. Favorite “Young Frankenstein” scenes
YouTube of best scenes from "Young Frankenstein"

22. Pharrell Williams “Happy”
Pharrell Williams singing "Happy"

23.  Affirmation

24.  Harmony with Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations

25.  Four Deep Breaths
Karati Kid

26. Drink 8 8oz. glasses of water
Precious water

27.  Gratitude

28. Get Grounded

29.  Smile
When you're smiling

30. “Parenthood” Grandma rollercoaster scene
Grandma in "Parenthood"

The following are links from …and happy”

Link to book website …and happy.”  by Scott E. West D.D.S.

1. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

2. Dr. West’s Biologic Dentistry Website 

3.  Dr. West’s Treating Sleep Apnea website

4.  Steven Jobs Commencement Address
Steven Jobs commencement address

5.  Fewer calories slow aging
Curbing calories slows aging

6.  WebMD on relationship of gum disease and heart disease and arthritis
Gum Disease and Heart Disease and Arthritis 

7.  Dr. Axe on pH
Dr. Axe on pH

8.  Acid and Alkaline Food Chart
Acid and Alkaline Food Chart

8.  Dr. Axe on Vitamin B-1
Dr. Axe and B-1

9.  Dr. Sinatra and CO-Q-10 plus his website
Dr. Sinatra and C0-Q-10

10.  “Why You Need to Take Supplements”, Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Hyman on why you need to take supplements

11.  Benefits of doing crunches

12. Decrease Stress and Strengthen Your Heart with Squats 
Dr. Mark Rosenberg

13.  Vitruvian Man Explained
Vitruvian Man Explained

14. Washington crossing the Delaware
Washington Crossing the Delaware

15.  Calm app

16. My Publisher


The following are links from  …and happy” directing you to articles by Dr. Mercola:

1. Dr. Mercola’s website:

2. Silver/mercury filling removal
Dr. Mercola link re: mercury fillings

3. Aromatherapy
Dr. Mercola  Aromatherapy

4.  Aromatherapy diffusers
Dr. Mercola Armatherapy diffusers

5. Use of synthetic thyroid drugs
Dr. Mercola on Synthroid

6.  Iodine Depletion 
Dr. Mercola on Iodine depletion

7.  Use of Nexium
Dr. Mercola on acid reducing drugs

8. Treating Asthma
Dr. Mercola on asthma

9.  8 Drugs That Doctors Would Never Take
List of 8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take

10.  Use of Antidepressants
Dr. Mercola on antidepessants and suicide

11.  Lowering blood pressure
Dr. Mercola and lowering your blood pressure

12.  Treating ADHD
Dr. Mercola on ADHD drugs

13.  Dr. Mercola free e-book on Diabetes
Dr. Mercola e-book on diabetes 

14. Insulin Resistance 
Dr. Mercola on insulin resistance

15.  Use of Lyrica for Fibromyalgia
Dr. Mercola and Fibromyalgia

16.  Benefits of Cocoanut Oil and Cocoanut Water
Dr. Mercola and benefits of coconut-oil
Coconut water

17.  Benefits of Oregenol
Dr. Mercola on oregano oil

18.  Probiotics
Dr. Mercola on Probiotics

19.  “Magnesium the Missing Link”
Dr. Mercola Magnesium the missing link

20.  “Magnesium an Invisible Deficiency”
Dr. Mercola and Magnesium Deficiency

21.  “Magnesium for Heart Health”
Dr. Mercola Magnesium heart health

22. “Tumeric” Dr. Mercola Tumeric-the spice of life

23.  Dr. Mercola Foundation Training
Dr. Mercola on Foundation Training

24.  Benefits of Pilates
Dr. Mercola on Pilates

25. Getting Grounded
Dr. Mercola on Getting Grounded

26. Benefits of Meditation
Dr. Mercola on mediation

27. Dr. Mercola and REM sleep
Dr. Mercola and REM sleep

28.  Dr. Mercola on Vitamin D and depression
Vitamin D and depression


The following are links from …and happy” direct you to articles or YouTube videos by Dr. Weil:

1. Dr. Weil’s website:

2. Dr. Weil comments on biologic dentistry
Dr. Weil on biologic dentistry

3. Dr. Weil Breathing Exercises
Dr. Weil Breathing exercises

4  Dr. Weil “Real Food”  YouTube
Dr. Weil "Real Food"

5. Dr. Weil on Prescription Drugs
Dr. Weil Interview

6.  Omega 3 benefits:
Dr. Weil on Omega 3

7.  4-7-8 Deep Breathing
Dr. Weil 4-7-8 Deep Breathing

8. Meditation     YouTube


The following are links from …and happy” direction you to articles or videos by Dr. Oz:


1.  Co-Q-10: Ubiquinol
Dr. Oz C0-Q-10

2. Fatigue Fighters  d-Ribose    
Dr. Oz Fatigue Fighters and d-Ribose

3.  Tumeric   
Dr. Oz on Tumeric

4.  Dr. Oz on new methods to treat pain YouTube
Dr. Oz on new methods to treat pain

5.  Dr. Oz and Reflexolgy 
Dr. Oz and Reflexology

The following are links from …and happy” directing you to Books which are recommended.

1. “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel
"The Master Key System" by Charles Haanel

2. “The Blue Zones”, by Dan Buettner
"The Blue Zones"

3.  “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
"Fat for Fuel" Dr. Mercola

4.  “Bright Lines Eating” by Susan Peirce Thompson”
"Bright Lines Eating" by Susan Pierce Thompson

5.  “Mind Over Meds”  by  Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Weil's book "Mind over Meds"

6.  “The Iodine Crisis: What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life” by Lynn Farrow.
"The Iodine Crisis" by Lynn Farrow

7.  “The Great Cholesterol Myth” by Dr. Stephen Sinatra 
"The Great Cholesterol Myth" by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

8. “The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potentials of the Dyslexic Brain”, by Brock L. Eide M.D., M.A
"The Dyslexic Advantage" by Brock L. Eide M.D.

9.  Natural Medicine 101: How to Win the Medical Information War and Take Care of Your Health”, by Jeffrey Dach M.D.
"Natural Medicine 101" by Jeffrey Dach M.D.

10.  “P.E.M.F. The 5th Element of Health” by Bryant Myers
"P.E.M.F.- The 5th Element of Health" by Bryant Myers

11.  The Five Tibetan Rites “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth”
By Peter Kelder
"The Five Tibetan Rites" by Peter Kelder

12. “Yoga for Beginners” by Cory Martin
"Yoga for Beginners"" by Cory Martin

13. “Leonardo daVinci”  by Frank Zollner
"Leonardo da Vinci" by Frank Zolner

14.  “Leonard da Vinci” by Walter Isaacson
"Leonardo da Vinci" by Walter Isaacson

15. “Wooden” by Coach John Wooden
"Wooden" by Coach John Wooden

16. “Washington” by Ron Chernow
"Washington" by Ron Chernow

17. “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
"Extreme Ownershp" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

18. “Leadership Effectiveness Training- L.E.T” by Dr. Thomas Gordon
"Leadership Effectiveness Training - "L.E.T." by Dr. Thomas Gordon

19. “Simplify: How to Declutter, Get Organized, and Stay That Way”, by Alex A. Michaels
"Simplify" by Alex A. Michaels

20.  “Lion’s Game” by Nelson DeMille
Favorite Nelson DeMille Book

The following are links from “…and happy” direct you to products suggested.


1.  Air Purifiers
Air Purifier
Air Purifier

2.  Acli-Mate

3.  Yetti Cup
Yetti Cup

4.  Zero Water 10 Cup Pitcher
Zero Water 10 Cup Pitcher

5. Dante Confections Extra Dark Chocolate
Dante Confection Extra Dark Chocolate Sugar Free

6.  Vitamin B-1 500 mg.
Vitamin B-1 500 mg. capsules

7.  Great Lakes Collogen Hydrolysate
Great Lakes Collogen Hydrolysate

8. Cocoanut Oil
Coconut Oil

9.  Oreganol

10. Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus 100
Dr. Sinatra's Omega Q Plus 100

11.  D-Ribose

12.  Magnesium Taurate
Magnesium Taurate

13. Magnesium Threonate
Dr. Mercola Magnesium Threonate

14.  Life-flo Pure Magnesium Oil
Life-flo Pure Magesium Oil

15.  Tumberic-Curcumin


Below are listed 4  informative Meridian Therapy Links.


1. Acupuncture

2. Acupressure

3. Reiki

4. Reflexology


The following are links to YouTube which have harmonious music.


1. harmonious music

2. harmonious music

3.  432 Hz. harmonious music

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