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| Biologic Dentistry in Lake Forest

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Biologic Dentistry

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Biologic dentistry takes in account the effect of dental treatment and materials on the overall health of the patient. So in every treatment plan we make we always keep in mind the overall health of the patient. We are a metal free dental practice. We do not use silver or mercury in our dental restorations. When amalgam mercury fillings are removed, we use preventive measures to minimize any potential toxicity that could occur. Also part of biologic dentistry is to help the patient with preventing future dental concerns.

I became interested in Biologic Dentistry in 1980 when a classmate of mine, Dr. David Eggleston called me to let me know he wrote a paper on amalgam toxicity. In his study, he would examine the teeth in a cadaver, and count the number of the silver amalgam fillings (of which mercury makes up 50%). He then would analyze the brain and find how much mercury was in the brain tissue. What he found was that there was a direct correlation between the number of amalgam mercury fillings in the mouth and the amount of mercury in the brain tissue. Below is a video that reviews this for you.

Later I discovered that I was suffering from Mercury Toxicity. Although I had no Mercury fillings in my mouth, I had been removing Mercury fillings my whole career. I consulted with Holistic Doctors to detox the Mercury from my system. I then joined the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and learned the proper protocol from Mercury Removal. I also started wearing a mask with canisters specific for mercury when removing the fillings.

In 2008 I built out my new office and customized it to meet all of the requirements for practicing Biologic Dentistry. The room we use for treatment is spacious, and opens up to a patio with a beautiful garden to view. Functional yet relaxing.

My quest to solve my own concerns of Mercury Toxicity has helped me discover means to help others with similar concerns.

Below is a video that reveals the toxicity of mercury in fillings.

If you have concern regarding your fillings,  please call and set up a time for an exam and we can determine what is best suited for you.